Why run for City Council?

With all the challenges facing our local government, some people may wonder who would want to run for City Council? I have several reasons for choosing to run. I believe I can bring a unique perspective and contribute to finding solutions to the city’s current fiscal concerns.

  • I hope to help keep Murray a family-friendly community. My wife, Kristin, and I plan on raising our children here and we want to help maintain the qualities that make Murray a community we’re proud of. These qualities include providing safe roadways, sidewalks and parks while preventing packaged liquor stores from opening here.
  • I am fiscally conservative, meaning I don’t believe in unnecessary taxes or excessive government. As the local government faces a significant budget shortfall, I hope to help the City of Murray continue to provide quality services without incurring excessive debt that burdens residents in the future.
  • As an attorney and small business owner, I want to encourage local government to be more responsive to the needs of local merchants. Our local businesses provide jobs and services that are integral in helping Murray thrive. To ensure this continues, our local government needs to find ways to help these businesses succeed.

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  1. lee ann tyalor says:

    greg – this is great! we’ll go door to door for you whenever! i have another thing that i would love to see enforced within our city, and that’s the restrictions on rental property. so many homes within our city limits, esp. our city school district limits, are just allowed to look awful! and i can think of several homes throughout olive street that have been empty for years. it’s a shame to see some of the areas of murray become “slummy” because of the lack of care of these properties. thanks!

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